IPA Shelter House


We as a family of God's children endeavour to spread the comforting warmth of God's love, and reach out to positively touch lives of people. We welcome you to be part of this vibrant community that seeks to honor God with a lifestyle of worship and adoration, committed to the Word of God. We believe in interceding for one another in fervent prayer, brotherly fellowship and passionate evangelism.

Join with us during our weekend services and experience how the transforming power of the our
Lord and Savior Jesus Christ could equip you the face the challenges of daily life.

Services at Shelter House Church

Hindi Service - Every Sunday at 07.30 hrs

Tamil Service - Every Sunday at 08:30 hrs

English Service - Every Sunday at 10:30 hrs

Kids Sunday School - Every Sunday at 09:00 hrs


Reputation or Riches

We carry a reputation. People evaluate us when they see us. Mostly the reputation is based on the character that we reveal. We see big brand names these days advertising, it's cool to be wrong, it's good to be a bad boy and so on. Somehow violence is given so much of power and character. When negative words come in our vocabulary we deem it alright and that’s the influence of the media that we are confronted with. We need to have a good reputation so that we leave a lasting legacy for the generations.

1. Reputation comes from the convictions and beliefs we carry.

2. Allow our convictions to be guided by God’s word.

3. Choose to have a good role model who has a good reputation in terms of character and behavior.

4. Don’t flow along the current. When we might be all alone to reflect the good character, choose to stand strong.

5. Never trade your integrity, honesty and values for fame or riches.

6. Choose to be accountable to someone for every action and decision you make. When there is no accountability group, we tend to be selfish and dictatorial and fall into the trap of making the wrong choices

7. Never promote anything that can derail social ethos and harmony. It can be music, media or anything else.

8. Be a trend setter for people to be loving, to be generous.

“A good name is rather to be chosen than great riches, and loving favour rather than silver and gold.” (Proverbs 22:1)

You're important to God, and because of that we acknowledge you are spiritually indispensable at Shelter House. We believe that God is concerned about your salvation while he also wants to meet your needs and reveal His promises to you. So whatever your concerns may be — we want to be there to pray for you!




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