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Punjab the food bowl of India

Punjab is the food bowl of India. As I travelled from Chandigarh to Amritsar , the beauty of this state captured me. Hectares of cultivation and irrigation with the cool breeze blowing on your face was a welcome though the travel was very hectic. I remember those days in the 80's and 90's where Punjab drank the blood of many people because of the terrorism and massacres. Yet now God has changed the fortunes of the state. The greatest problem that Punjab face is the drug menace. Most of them have succumbed to this evil. As we travelled together we prayed much that the Lord would touch this place.

We crossed Ludhiana and Jalandhar as the cities were in a festive diwali mood. Sutlej and Beas were flowing along and it was a joy to see these rivers what we learnt years before. These five rivers make Punjab the food bowl of India. We too can be filled with the blessings of God when the rivers of the Holy Spirit flows richly in our lives. The more the flow of the Spirit, the more you would be a blessing to a hurting world.

For further reading: Genesis 2:10-14, Revelation 22:1-5