IPA Shelter House

Epaphras Men's Fellowship

At Epaphras the men get together for a time of Bible Study, Discussion and prayers. Career specific discussion and guidance are part of the spiritual discourses that are conducted at the EMF.The objective is to make men prayers wrestlers, as Epaphras has been portrayed in the Bible.

Something Beautiful Women's Fellowship

Something Beautiful is the women's wing of our church . They gather for a time of prayer and discussion of God's word that liberates and empowers. This is also a platform for women to get together and discuss on Women centric issues and have a beautiful time of fellowship. Conferences, community development projects and serving the Master in the ways women can definitely is "something beautiful" In God's eyes.

Green Pastures Sunday School

Our Sunday School is named as Green pastures to signify the first experience of a sheep as described in Psalm 23. We give utmost importance in inculcating in our tiny tots and children the indispensability God in a transforming and ever changing world. The Sunday School is open for all children from age 3 to 12. A committed and enthusiastic group of teachers lead the Sunday School and the children are ever so excited in learn from what the scriptures have to teach.

Vessels of Honor (VH)

This is the youth ministry at Shelter House Church. Through this ministry we teach and encourage youth to live by example and make a Christ like impact in the community. By focusing and relating to issues and problems specific to youth, VH endeavours to provide spiritual insight to equip young people with the challenge of changing times. VH has in its membership people who are between the age group between 13 and 35.

Dorcas Homemakers Club

Homemakers have tremendous potential in influencing society. By setting apart times for prayer and community welfare activities DHC is an ideal platform for homemakers to make their mark in kingdom expansion. From developing contents for website to square foot gardening to counselling and prayer cells, DHC is encouraged to make an indelible mark in society for the Lord Jesus Christ.